Show stands

One of our greatest strengths is that we are able to create temporary environments in a short period of time, for example for trade fairs. We produce exhibition material, organise transportation and assemble, disassemble and store material. As we take responsibility for the entire chain, our customers can always feel confident that their exhibition material is being stored safely until it is next required. It also results in effective work that keeps unnecessary costs to a minimum.

We have extensive experience of building unusual and creative solutions for product display in the form of expo booths, containers, tents and show stands for exhibitions, for example. Our clients are able to select these products from our range and customise the specifics of the design based on their product display needs. We have built many inspiring show stands in the past, but do not consider ourselves to be a specialised concept development or design agency. Although a show stand at an exhibition can, of course, be built as a stand-alone unit with fixed or mobile walls, we advocate the simplicity of packaging your concept or products in a module. One advantage of this is that almost everything can be completed prior to delivery, and once the module has arrived it is quick and easy to set up a show stand at the site, meaning that you can focus on displaying the product.



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