Are you planning an exclusive wedding? A wedding in larger scale includes many important elements that require planning and experience. Facio has unique knowledge about building environments where resources are limited. We have made many weddings over the years on old farms and estates as well as in open public places with lack of equipment and where access to water and electricity has been limited. Our business specializes in creating environments both outdoors in the form of tents, tents and containers as well as indoors, including special constructions, furnishings and decor. In addition, we have all rental products for table setting and kitchen equipment within our group.

Here we clarify what you as the organizer of a wedding should decide and even describe what Facio as a supplier offers in the form of products and services.


Choosing the location for a wedding can be the most difficult or the most obvious! We do weddings in Sweden but also in Mallorca! On this beautiful island there are endless places for weddings and parties. The season for outdoor weddings is significantly longer than in Sweden. The beautiful surroundings in combination with fantastic food provide the optimal conditions for a real dream wedding. No matter where the wedding takes place, we are a brave supplier who has experience from building environments in places with limited resources.


The second thing we recommend to do is to choose a tent model. The tent’s model is adapted to the location, which must be determined before planning can start. What parts of the wedding should take place in a tent? We have adapted tents for weddings, dinners and parties as well as kitchen tents for cooking and catering. We are good at logistics and are happy to give tips on how the different environments can be built up and managed. The tent’s model characterizes the whole style of the wedding. Our silhouette tents and stretch tents with their natural shapes and colors fits nicely into beautiful forest environments, while the section tents can be built with glass walls and transparent roofs and give a feeling of a luxurious building more than a tent. Read more about our different tent models here.


To be able to arrange wedding with a larger number of guests, a well-thought-out infrastructure is required. Important parts that should be examined are whether there is a kitchen, if the size of the kitchen is enough to prepare food for all guests as well as dishwashing facilities. If there are toilets or if these should be supplemented with mobile toilet solutions. Is there water and sewage for mobile solutions and electricity to connect technology and kitchen equipment or are external power required? What the storage options look like or if storage containers or roof solutions are required to ensure the weather. Transport to and from the site of both materials and labor is an item that is often forgotten but which we always include from the start.


The choice of furniture is important both for the feeling and the functional way, but start by making a decision about how the furniture should look in the different environments. Round tables take up more space than long tables but hold more decor. The look of the dining chair will set the style and theme and should match the environment and table setting. If the wedding takes place outdoors or in a tent, chairs are also required for it and moving furniture between different places takes both time and can be a disruptive moment. You should also keep in mind that extra tables is required for serving as well as a buffet table, and for the party’s “nightclub”, bar counters and lounge furnitures are required.


We recommend including the catering company in the choice of porcelain as it is important that the porcelain is suitable for the menu to be served both based on function and design. A classic 3-course menu in a white wedding tent is best served on classic white porcelain with an elegant gold frame. While a rustic stoneware is best suited for a modern wedding party where the chefs grill outdoors over an open fire and the guests mingle casually in a stretch tent among wooden details and rattan furniture. Determining how much glass is consumed during an entire wedding for a pre-drink, dinner and bar is difficult for those who lack experience. We have the answer to that question and we also know that no one has time to do the dishes during a wedding.


The decor can be divided into tent decor, table decor and wedding decor. The base of the tent decoration includes carpet, “lining” and lighting that creates a warm and cozy environment. The lighting should be adjustable as dinner and party require different strength and light. Step two is to decorate with flowers and plants, fresh, dried or artificial plants – dare to mix for best results! Wreaths in the ceiling and larger plants in the lounge and around the bar are a good start to then add to the flowers on the tables and candles and possibly also decorate chairs. The wedding venue, whether it is in an open space or in a tent, we think requires a carpet for the altar passage as well as a wedding arch and flower wall for photography of all guests.


Food is the most important thing some think while others consider it´s just a necessary element. Choose a catering company that understands your needs and conditions. Include the catering company at an early stage and choose a complete solution. We have many good collaborations with catering companies, restaurateurs and well-known restaurateurs that we have worked with over the years. Catering is so much more than just cooking good food. Logistics, planning, equipment and experience – we are happy to guide! Serve food that you like in a way that suits you, not what is expected of others.


We love big parties and weddings with extensive requirements specification! We are happy to meet in our showroom at Karlavägen 73 on Östermalm in Stockholm, where we go through the above-mentioned parts together, look at previously completed projects and show our range of furniture and porcelain. If you are looking for a brave supplier, you have come to the right place. When we are not arranging weddings, we hang Christmas lights throughout Stockholm and establish festivals, fairs and build shops.

“Let us create your unique venue!”

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