Top tents

Top tents come in various sizes, can be transparent or covered and customised in terms of both walls and windows. Several tents can be combined to form a larger unit, most often positioned in a row. The tents are anchored by stakes driven into the ground; where this is not possible, concrete weights are used. Marquees can be put to a wide range of uses, but their maximum size limits them to smaller events. They also work very well as show stands, catering kitchens or wardrobes, for example.

FLOOR: interlocking flooring, plastic floor, Layher floor
WALLS AND CEILING: glass panel doors, white panels, transparent soft walls, black ceilings, doors
INTERIORS: AC, carpeting, lining, lighting, heating, furniture

The standard tent configuration is white soft walls and white ceilings.

3 x 392,5
4 x 4162,5
5 x 5252,5 / 3,0
6 x 6362,5 / 3,0

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