stretch tents

Elegant and exceptional! Our Silhouette tents and stretch tents are beautiful and unique in their kind. They create a real sense of elegance with their waving peaks, luxuriant canvas and solid wooden poles.

Organic Concept’s Silhouette tents are handmade by specialist sailmakers. The refined details, maritime decorations and exceptional looks (inside and outside) have made the Silhouette tents famous with event planners and caterers throughout the world. The tents are 100 % waterproof and safe in all weather conditions.

DIMENSIONS (m)SURFACE (m²)LEG HEIGHT (sitting/mingling)
3 x 6 m1810 /20
4 x 6 m2416 / 24
5 x 10 m5025 / 55
6 x 6 m3620 / 40
6 x 9 m5436 / 54
10 x 15 m150100 / 150




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