Modular frame tents

Modular frame tents are our most stable tent solution. These tents are available in five-metre sections, and their length can be tailored to your needs. Modular tents can form the basis for an event and feature wooden or plastic flooring, walls with glass windows and a transparent ceiling. They can even be equipped with modern furniture, chandeliers and carpets if desired. The tents can also be equipped with a heating system, a kitchen and toilets, be divided into sections and have several storeys.

Modular tents are anchored using stakes driven into the ground; where this is not possible, concrete weights are used. The conditions at the site at which the tent is to be erected determine which flooring options are available for use. Plastic floors follow the topography of the ground, which should thus be as level as possible. Interlocking flooring and heavy floors are preferable if the ground is inclined to some degree or undulating, with a maximum difference in height of 60 cm. In extreme circumstances, such as if a tent is to be placed on a slope, a Layher scaffold is erected, on top of which the tent is placed.

FLOOR: interlocking flooring, heavy floor, plastic floor, Layher floor
WALLS AND CEILING: glass section doors, white panels, transparent soft walls, transparent ceiling, black ceiling
INTERIORS: AC, heating, carpeting, lining, lighting, furniture

The standard tent configuration is soft white walls and white ceilings.

6 x 3302,5 / 3,0
8 x 5402,5 / 3,0
10 x 5502,5 / 3,0
15 x 5752,5 / 3,0
20 x 51002,5 / 3,0
25 x 51252,5 / 3,0
30 x 51502,5 / 3,0
40 x 52002,5 / 3,0

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