Tent & roof solutions

We offer a variety of tent solutions for all types of event, all year round. These can be simple solutions, such as the temporary protection from the weather offered by a marquee, or form the basis for an event and feature wooden or plastic flooring, walls with glass windows and a transparent ceiling, these are what we call modular tents. They can even be equipped with modern furniture, chandeliers and carpets if desired. The tents can also be equipped with a heating system, a kitchen and toilets, be divided into sections and have several storeys. The tents can be integrated with existing buildings such as restaurants that want to add extra tables for particularly busy periods, e.g. during Christmas. Our expo tents can have a logo or other message printed onto them, and are excellent for marketing or product launch events. Our newest tents are the beautiful stretch tents and silhouette tents with its organic form and flexibility.