Stages are of great importance to many of the events that Facio is involved in, and we have extensive experience of building them. We build both small and large stages in the form of raised stages on legs or Layher-type scaffolds, depending on your circumstances. We do not consider stages to be merely functional; we believe that the visual elements of a stage are just as important, as the stage is the focal point of attention during an event. During stage building, lighting and decor are crucial in the creation of an elegant, sophisticated finished product.

A basic raised stage usually measures 2 by 1 metres, and comes with legs that are 20-100 centimetres in length. The raised stage can be covered with carpet and a ‘stage skirt’ in any colour. Several stage platforms can be combined to create large stage surfaces or form stairs. The surface on which the stage is placed must be level in order for this type of stage platform to be stable, and the maximum height of the stage is 1 metre.

Layher stages are very flexible solutions that ensure that the surface on which the stage is placed does not affect the final result. There are no limits on the height or size of these stage platforms, or the load that they are able to support. The building of the stage is carried out by first erecting a scaffold to which the tiles are then fastened.