Fences & posts

During public events, concerts, sporting competitions and construction work, there is often a need to cordon off or subdivide areas. We offer several variations on the concepts of fences and posts.

We rent two-metre high construction fences that can be equipped with printed, opaque fabrics that are used to limit lines of sight into or out of a space. Logos and information about the project can be printed on the fabric. It should be noted that construction fences cannot withstand high stresses or strains.

Crowd control barriers (bike racks) are primarily used to guide the movements of large groups of people during festivals. Each section is 1.20 metres high, 2.25 metres wide and possible to connect to other sections with good stability.

Entrance posts are used for more formal parties and openings to highlight an entrance or a red carpet, and are available in gold with red ribbons and silver with black ribbons.

Belt barriers can be used for VIP sections or in show stands. The belt is fastened to the post and pulled out as required, latching onto the next post.