About us

Facio produces event, retail and expo environments. We produce, assemble and install holistic solutions in the form of concept environments, shopfittings and technical solutions, and undertake any construction work required. Our commissions include planning, design, production, installation, logistics and storage.

Our clients are generally sports and fashion stores, event producers, communications agencies and organisers of public events.


Safety above all. All of our undertakings are based on carefully considered solutions that have been thoroughly tested. We possess modern equipment of the highest quality, and our project and production managers have years of experience in their fields of activity.

Cost effective
We possess in-house competence and our owners work side-by-side with their co-workers in the field, which guarantees tight work teams, straightforward communication, short lead times and fast results.

Long term
We consider reliability, accessibility and flexibility to be crucial to ensuring long-term collaborations. We want our clients to achieve results and so place a high value on feedback.

Creative & courageous
Over the years we have worked for a wide range of unusual clients. Owing to the trust placed in us by these clients, we have been given the opportunity to develop, which has made us a creative and courageous supplier.